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Rise to Serve - Civic Involvement

This is a 50-minute speaking and multimedia presentation followed by questions and answers. We’ll look at foundations for civic involvement, objections, and a practical action list.

Just like Joseph, Daniel, Paul, William Wilberforce, and many of our Founding Fathers, we ought to pray first…and then rise to serve. 

Part One: Foundations for Civic Involvement

I start off by laying some theological and historical foundations

Part Two: Answers to Objections to Getting Involved with Politics

Part two gives answers to many of the objections offered to civic involvement.

Part Three: An Action List for Civic Involvement

The we wrap up with very practical action items to show people how simple it is to get involved and how wide open the door.

  • Inspiration to Civic Involvement: William Wilberforce (video clip)
  • Involvement Tip #1 - I bring me.
  • Involvement Tip #2 - Limiting the power of the courts by appointing "originalist" judges is the most important issue facing the nation today.
  • Involvement Tip #3 - Should we vote only for Christians? ...No
  • Involvement Tip #4 - Add "citizens" to your prayer list for authorities.
How do I serve?
  • Get informed
  • Get connected
  • Get active
  • Get invested
  • Get elected
  • Vote

Follow-up Q&A of 20-30 minutes is recommended.


The multimedia presentation requires sound, video projector, and screen. I can travel with equipment for small groups (up to 40) if I'm just in central Wisconsin with my van. Otherwise, I'll work with your tech people to meet the equipment checklist.