My Book Project

The Work in Progress:

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Anticipated Publishing Date:
Summer of 2014

Road Trip will be on the shelf as a Christian graduation gift book. Graduation has become a real point of departure for our Christian young adults. They often leave church and faith as they leave home. I want to challenge our 18-20-somethings online and in person to follow Jesus in their life, love, learning, labor and leadership.

Picture this scene: a son or daughter is leaving home for college or work. The Corolla Matrix is packed to the roof with all of their earthly possessions. Mom and Dad come out for one last hug. They give their kid two books. One of them is a Bible, and I want the second one to be Road Trip.

The content of my blog mirrors the content of the book. You'll see much of the book material here first. Your part in the conversation is most welcome!

The journey is from driveway to driveway. You hug your parents before you leave, and one day you’ll be the parent saying goodbye. One day, the hugged becomes the hugger.

The trick in making it from one driveway to another is what you become as a man or woman. The road is your path. Your destination is not just where you're going; it's what you become.