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Hi! I'm Evan Nehring, the Road Trip Navigator. I help Christian 16-to-20-somethings bring seven core values of the faith to the five great questions of young adulthood. 

What's This Blog All About?

I'm a family guy and a faith guy. I've hugged one child goodbye and I have two left at home with my wife and I. They're leaving home just as I left home a few years back, and they'll face the same big questions I faced:

My advice? Start on the mountain and chart your path. Find a place that lets you think clearly and see far, and work through the core values of a Jesus follower. I'll have plenty of posts about life!

When it comes to love, I say make your way to the Shire. I love family! Families are going to look different from one place to the next, but families are a blessing. They're worth huge effort to embrace!

Find God's truth in the forum of ideas. I've been to both Bible college and a state university. I know how important it is to interact with the big ideas from the world's great minds and come out with stronger faith in Jesus Christ. All truth is God's truth!

I urge you to master your craft in the marketplace. Making a living is both a blessing and a curse, but I urge you not to stop pressing until you find what you were made to do. It may be simple or complex, but it should be you. Maybe not immediately, but pressing on is up to you!

Rise to serve on the stages of God and man. When you've invested all this time into your spiritual life, your family and friends, your worldview, and your job, you've got a wealth of wisdom and zeal to give to your church and your community!
The great questions of life as a young Jesus-follower...that's what is all about.

Blogging Plan

My part: blogging three times every week. Your part: get into the conversation with comments for me and our fellow travelers. This is a two-way street, a roundabout even! Let's encourage one another and sharpen each other as we face the daily stuff of life!

More About Me

My life is about Jesus. This is a post about my life verse.
For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21
This means everything to me. This colors all of my life. It gives me core values that affect every other decision and every other activity. I love to worship my King wholeheartedly. I love to spend time in prayer and the Bible. I want to have my heart shaped by the character of Jesus.

My love is devoted to my family and friends. I tell my wife, Colleen, over and over again, "Thank you for saying yes!" And also, "Thank you for my family." I'm so grateful for the blessing of family. It overwhelms me. We have three children and, yes, a son-in-law!

My learning has brought me to a Christian worldview. I believe that I am here because all the earth was created by God. I believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. I cherish the freedom of individuals to choose their own faith and worldview without imprisonment or punishment. I believe we're not here by accident and our souls are eternal. How's that for a start?

My labor, well it's been all over the map. In one sense I'm a Jack of all trades, but I prefer to humor myself as the Apostle Jack. Every rigamajig job along the way has been for the purpose of tying together a career of ministry. It may be the rigamajig that you relate to as much as anything else! I've asked myself over and over again, "How did I get here?!"

My leadership has involved both church ministry and civic involvement. Much more in the church until recent years when I've realized the importance in a representative republic to stand up and represent! I'm a church kid and a Canadian citizen closing in on naturalizing to the United States. I've been a youth pastor, a music minister, a music pastor, and a church planting pastor. Four ministry positions in three different denominations.... We'll have lots to talk about in the leadership area!

How to Reach Me

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