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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Class of 2015 Grads: Here's Your Road Trip!

As your Christian grads head out on their own, have you said all you needed to say?

Road Trip is the perfect, thoughtful gift for Christian grads going off to college or out into the real world.

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Road Trip is available on Amazon today by clicking here or searching for “Evan Nehring”.

Paperback is US $19.99.

Kindle eBook is US $7.99.


Looking for an outstanding gift for all the grads in your church, high school group, or college group? This 400 page book is available 4 for US $50 plus shipping from Wisconsin by emailing Evan directly at

Here’s What Christian Leaders Are Saying about Road Trip.

Not long ago I took a road trip across the country. I'm glad I had a map to guide me. As you journey through life, it's vital to have a guide as well. Some books on life contain useful information. Others reflect wide experience. Still others have stirring passion. This book combines all three. When you need a guide for life, let Road Trip be your choice. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it. You will profit from Road TripI guarantee it!
-Dr. Tom Lindberg, Senior Pastor, First Assembly Memphis, Tennessee

Are your Christian grads ready to hold onto a deep Christian faith?

Road Trip starts with a deep dive into spiritual formation, placing Jesus at the center of everything.
  • Seven core values - They form your spiritual center and then guide you through the other major decisions. (6)
  • Devotional life workshop (17)
  • Simple salvation prayer and a litany of reasons to believe in the reality of Jesus as the Son of God (38)
  • Crash course in complete character formation in the mold of Jesus Christ (48)
  • Personal management coaching for time, health, possessions, money & career (60)

God's Word implores us to ‘bind’ His instructions to our lives. In this beautifully crafted work, Evan Nehring helps to bind the truths, insights, and counsel of God's instructions to the lives of his readers.
-Brad Riley, Lead Pastor of Faith Chapel, O'Fallon, Missouri; Regent of North Central University Board of Regents

Road Trip endeavors to serve as a young adult’s guide to the journey of life. Such a task demands an author who has not only studied the terrain, but also navigated well. Words well spoken befit a life well lived. Evan Nehring succeeds! I commend this guide to the young man or woman who aspires to live a successfully God-honoring life.
-C. Elmer Chen, Theologian and Educator

I know there is a need for a practical handbook for life suited for teens taking their first steps in adulthood. As a friend, I trust Evan’s perspective. The blend of practical tips, godly counsel, and relevant examples from Evan’s own life are especially helpful. I appreciate the clarity Evan brings in helping people make good decisions. If I had the perspective offered by Evan’s practical guide thirty years ago, I might have avoided learning important lessons the hard way.
-Dan Neary, Pastor of Pleasant Bay Church, Seattle; served as university administrator for 20+ years

Can your Christian grads work out a biblical worldview on the college campus or in the community?

Whether they end up on a Christian campus, a state university, or anywhere in between, our sons and daughters have a lot to think through! Road Trip offers guidance in:
  • How to handle fun and the call of the wild on campus (110)
  • How much to focus on studying vs enjoying the college experience (108)
  • Standing firm in biblical truth AND showing God's love to holders of other worldviews (120)
  • Dealing with grade stress and academic productivity (145)
  • Experiencing the explosion of the universe of truth in a personal renaissance of learning (149)

Seventy percent of our youth are walking away from the faith during their college years; that’s why every high school believer should have Road Trip in their hands. It is a road map for the Christian life.
-Bob Lenz, President of Life Promotions, Founder of Lifest Christian Music Festival

Here is the perfect high school graduation gift: a road map that goes all the way from intimacy with Christ to life skills, dating, marriage, college life, world views, vocation, and world-changing.
-Dr. Jim Bradford, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, USA

This book will indeed prove to be most beneficial for our young folk as they seek to navigate through this very significant transitional time of their lives. It's comprehensive, practical, and personal approach will appeal to our youth as they are confronted with multifaceted and critical issues of life.
-Ross Nelson, Senior Pastor, Northwoods Vineyard Church, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Will your Christian grads find careers to match their God-given gifts?

And how will they make a living?! We want our sons and daughters to be warm, well fed, and finding meaning in their day-to-day work. Road Trip offers:
  • Ivy League reflections on the value of becoming a master craftsman in your field (164)
  • Golden advice on interviewing well and negotiating salary (179)
  • Seven lenses to identify and value your own skill set (186)
  • How to identify and work for the best bosses in the marketplace (217)
  • Summation of all you need to know to be good with money (231)

Here’s what I love about this book: It’s current, it’s quick, it’s insightful, and it's jam-packed with practical inspiration and truth. It is like a field guide to help young graduates successfully navigate a journey that can be filled with so many challenges. Hands down, this is a must-read book for every high school or college-age student.

-Chris Lindberg, Senior Pastor, Life Fellowship Church, Allen, Texas

So many topics, so much information.... It's like a smorgasbord of practical advice for graduates.
-Alan Block, Western Canada's Strongest Man 2005

Will your Christian grads overcome rejection and loneliness to find true friendship and love?

Road Trip navigates the winding path of relationships with:
  • A friendship guide to companions, buddies, acquaintances, opponents and enemies (254)
  • A walk through the real-life romantic drama of my heartthrobs and heartaches (259)
  • Fatherly advice to guard the most intimate places of your heart through the pressures of dating (272)
  • A who-to-marry checklist for Jesus-followers (284)
  • Chart to personal management maturity for our children, from preschool through young adulthood (325)

There are not a lot of people who have gone the distance. I have known Evan since the time he was a single youth pastor who would buy roses for Jesus as a way to say, “You get my heart first.” I have never called a book a classic before it has come out, but that is what this is.
-Bob Lenz, President of Life Promotions, Founder of Lifest Christian Music Festival

A refreshingly honest account of Evan's journey to, and with, Christ. Valuable input for young adults experiencing ‘freedom’ from parental restrictions for the first time.
-Jim Mathias, Former President, Continental Theological Seminary, Brussels, Belgium

Will your Christian grads find their place of leadership in the world?

Finally, having become strong, godly young men and women, our sons and daughters will step into positions of influence in the community and in the church. Road Trip goes there as well!
  • Why there's absolutely no way you can keep your precious life to yourself. You must give, serve and lead! (332)
  • Clear statement of the overriding political issues of freedom in America and beyond (334)
  • Blowing away six major objections to Christians getting involved in politics (345)
  • Identifying 16 church values to determine where your faith will grow (361)
·         Seeing the five lifelong phases of ministry and life maturity that will help you leave a powerful legacy (387)

Connecting again with Evan has rekindled my respect for him and his approach to excellence in life. Evan’s engaging Road Trip is an authentic, transparent, and well-researched invitation to the reader to join him in meaningful contemplation of choice-making.
-Bill Ashbee, Care Ministries Pastor, Christian Life Assembly, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I kept wondering, ‘Where was this book when I was growing up and needed it?’ Evan’s clear love of God and the truth and the way in which he looked to others for good advice along the way, will be an inspiration to every reader!
-Bob Kulp, Founder, Kulp’s Of Stratford (roofing and insulation contractor); Representative, 69th Assembly District, Wisconsin

Pricing and Availability

Road Trip is available on Amazon today by clicking here or searching for “Evan Nehring”.

Paperback is US $19.99.

Kindle eBook is US $7.99.


Looking for an outstanding gift for all the grads in your church, high school group, or college group? This 400 page book is available 4 for US $50 plus shipping from Wisconsin by emailing me directly at

It’s Time You Said…
All You Needed to Say.

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