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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Care to Make an Impact in Asia?

Johnny and Kay are missionaries to Asia. These aren't their real names and I can only publish pictures of their surroundings. We had an amazing two-hour Facetime chat recently. Their love of God and people is off the charts. Care to join them on their mission? It would be a tremendous honor to connect you!

Care to Make an Impact in Asia?

By Evan Nehring

Just a quick post tonight with an opportunity to make a huge impact for the Kingdom of God in east Asia. Do you remember the interview I did recently with Johnny and Kay, young missionaries? Feel free to link over and check it out. It's inspiring! Well, they've decided to return to that country once they have full financial support and move farther inland with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Johnny and Kay are investing their lives!

If you have a desire to support this sort of front lines missions work, I can connect you...with real names, real country and everything! Just drop me an email at and we will talk about the details. Johnny and Kay will need one-time send-off gifts as well as monthly support for their return east.

I want to ask you to join with me to keep this amazing young couple in your prayers for safety and fruitfulness in this great mission!

Interview with Newlywed Missionaries, Johnny and Kay
At the mosque, reading their book

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