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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do You Feel at Home at Church?

Do You Feel at Home at Church?
This is life together in the church. This is community. This is walking through the church doors and feeling you’re with family.

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Do You Feel at Home at Church?

By Evan Nehring

They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts… (Acts 2:46b)

I love that verse! I love when church feels like home. Some people say that's their main thing. On my church search matrix, it's pretty high. We're not perfect, but we're together. 

Photo Credit: Scott_Calleja on Flickr Creative Commons
Family Fest 2012 Crosspointe Community Church

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, at the height of the opposition to Hitler's Third Reich, clung to faith and rallied the believers even on his way to the gallows.

The community of the saints is not an "ideal" community consisting of perfect and sinless men and women, where there is no need of further repentance. No, it is a community which proves that it is worthy of the gospel of forgiveness by constantly and sincerely proclaiming God's forgiveness...Sanctification means driving out the world from the Church as well as separating the Church from the world. But the purpose of such discipline is not to establish a community of the perfect, but a community consisting of men who really live under the forgiving mercy of God. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is life together in the church. This is community. This is walking through the church doors and feeling you’re with family.

I’ve been to megachurches all over the midwest. You have to view them differently. Here’s what I mean. A megachurch, maybe 1000 plus, is more like a community of churches. If you walk in expecting to know everyone deeply…yeah, that’s not going to happen. Find yourself a ministry team or home group to sidle up with. Hey, if you’re looking for a future spouse, a church that defines itself as a campus might be a great place to find options.

Though I’m not a fan of keeping our money exclusively within our Christian boundaries, doing some business networking at church is healthy. When we find a place where we can be fully human, loving and being loved on our Christian path, that’s a huge blessing.

Comments Are Always Welcome...

How important is the family feeling at church for you? What sort of relationships and involvement bring that feeling for you personally? Are you the kind to make it feel homey for everyone else? Do you warm up the room?

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