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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 March: You Need a Trainer

I need to always, always learn if I'm going to become what I was created to be. Do you have a trainer? Do you have mentors in the key areas of your personal, spiritual, and professional growth? I'd love to hear about them! Who's your Lucien Laurin? Who's pulling the very best out of you?

But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14
Carpe Diem: Seize the Day!

2014 March: You Need a Trainer

By Evan Nehring

I woke up at 4:15 this morning, ninety minutes before my alarm. My mind raced. This year is so full of life, blessing and potential. Projects wait. Opportunity waits. I forced myself back to sleep. I've got to get at least six hours tonight. 4:55 am. No going back to sleep this time. I'm rested from our week in Florida. I'm recovered from the drive home. I've got dozens of projects beautifully laid out for the doing. It's time to run.

Once again, back to the Secretariat story as my inspiration for 2014...

Penny Tweedy had to fire her horse trainer. Caught him red handed in a shady deal to profit on selling horses for too little. Seeing Penny (Diane Lane) run him off is one of the highlights of the movie. But then, there she sat. You can't compete in horse racing without a top tier trainer. Bull Hancock sent her to Lucien Laurin.

Lucien was a bit of a castoff, by the movie script. He kept the newspaper clippings of every race he'd every lost. He was eccentric, but gifted. Penny saw his upside.

She caught up with Lucien at the driving range. Yes, golfing. He turned her down cold. He said he was retired and had no interest in horse racing. She told him she was the owner of the soon-to-be-born foal of Bold Ruler. He showed no interest, until later.

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It's unlikely that Secretariat would go down in history as the all-time greatest racehorse without Lucien Laurin. It's unlikely that you and I will reach our full potential without a trainer.

I've scoured the web for resources to guide me on my writing journey. Michael Hyatt has been my primary mentor-at-a-distance. His Platform book, email list, blog and This Is Your Life podcast series are staples of my weekly consumption. I've found many other trainers. Danny Iny for marketing. Don Miller and Jeff Goins for writing. And now I've got a wonderful writing mentor through my publishing project manager, Jeremiah Zeiset.

I need to always, always learn if I'm going to become what I was created to be.

Here's the March version of my goal updates for 2014. 9 months to go.

1. Personal Energy

The energy focus has flushed some things to the surface in a good way this month. My five non-Secretariat days in March break down like this:
  • Three sick days - nighttime breathing issues
  • One "work was a disaster" day (Do I really need one of these each month?)
  • One recovery day from driving through the night from Florida

Some of you know that I've been sleeping with a CPAP machine for a few years. I had some mask issues that cause some problems this month. So frustrating! I resolved the equipment problem, but I also determined to put this episode behind me. I have my Ideal Protein initial consultation in two days. This is a medically monitored weight-loss program that has shown stunning results for Aspirus employees. And 70% are keeping it off. Men are expected to lose 5 pounds/week for 10 weeks! I intend to lose the CPAP this year.

It's worth mentioning, too, that my non-Secretariat days were not Eeyore days. I still was able to get some things done and function reasonably well, just not with the spring in the step. That's intentional.

Goal for April: faithfully record daily energy, focus on Ideal Protein program, fire up every day!

2. Road Trip Road Trip

The major steps forward for March include officially signing with a publisher, completing Road Trip second draft before our Florida trip, viewing the first illustrations, and sending out speaking queries. This is where the trainer engagement comes in. Multiple mentors are pushing me toward an online speaking model that is very exciting in its potential. I've got more work to do on this, but I'm excited about the possibilities.

My main focus is still the book manuscript. It's back in my hands after initial review by the publisher. I've got a list of projects to knock out. Each task is polishing and refining the work towards completion.

Goals for April:
  • Complete editing project and get the manuscript back to the publisher ASAP
  • Continue work with illustrator
  • Work on spring speaking engagements, with an eye to the online model
  • Work on publisher's author launch kit/my speaking press kit

3. House

OK, Florida was an amazing time with the family. It'll always be a highlight of our family and the growing up years. Jason's tile desktop? I'm LOL'ing. Let's try again in April. Am I the reason spring won't come?

Goal for April remains the same:
  • Install the tile work for Jason's bedroom desktop. I've got all the supplies but I may need to learn a bit about this as I go. Excited to get this done!

Blog Goodness - Poverty, Core Values

I was surprised to see this morning that my poverty posts have drawn huge readership this month. Basically, they're blowing everything else out of the water. That's a nice confirmation. More on that this month. I've got some great posts lined up.

Comments are always welcome!

One fourth of 2014 is now complete. Do you have a trainer? Do you have mentors in the key areas of your personal, spiritual, and professional growth? I'd love to hear about them! Who's your Lucien Laurin? Who's pulling the very best out of you?

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