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Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Stuff: Renting an Apartment or Duplex

imagePhase two of the accumulation of stuff is renting. I mean renting a real apartment, not just throwing your college stuff in with a couple of pals.

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More Stuff: Renting an Apartment or Duplex

By Evan Nehring

Phase two of the accumulation of stuff is renting. I mean renting a real apartment, not just throwing your college stuff in with a couple of pals.
After graduation, I moved to Stevens Point, WI and setup my first non-college apartment. I brought the old yellow fold-out table we had used on campus. I still had the cinder blocks. The folks from the church that hired me were so appalled by the bricks that someone found me a simple table and chair set. Which leads to the first system to consider when you’re setting up a real apartment:
  • Furniture – bed, dresser, couch, dining table and chairs, bookshelves
Someone else from the church had pity on my bare apartment and gave me a serviceable couch and chair set for the living room. I bought a pair of assemble-it-yourself bookshelves. I still have them!
I kept my twin bed until my parents came to visit. I broke down and bought an inexpensive queen-size bed so they wouldn’t have to get a hotel. I used it for ten years.
As the years went by, I was able to upgrade my couch and bought a nice big TV and surround sound stereo. It all takes time!
Photo Credit: KLGreenNYC on Flickr Creative Commons

  • Vehicle – gas, maintenance (just empty your wallet)
My sisters and I drove my parents’ vehicles all through college and back and forth to home. I remember a college classmate in agony about his expenses because his car was taking so much money. Even after graduation, I kept the car expenses very low.
Few things will tie you down like big car payments.
  • Office – file cabinet, stapler, three-hole punch, organizers
The church office where I worked was able to set me up with what I needed to get rolling professionally, but I still had to get my home office in order. I used a ledger book to track expenses.
  • Kitchen – pots and pans, knives, bakeware, utensils
Eating out is almost always more expensive and less healthy. Looking back, I wish I could have had a gas grill at my apartments. I use it so much now! This is the time to start expanding your personal menu.
Yes, hand-me-downs are the rule in your first apartment and new purchases are the exception. All of the systems you setup after high school need to get a little more elaborate as you take on more independence and more responsibilities.

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Do you remember your first apartment as clearly as I remember mine?

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