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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kids Change Everything

Kids Change EverythingLack of sleep is one of the dominant themes of parenthood. It starts early and reasserts itself routinely.

Kids change everything.

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Kids Change Everything

By Evan Nehring

With kids heading to college this week, a bit of nostalgia. This post was written three years ago...
I woke up Sunday and Monday with sleepover hangovers. Sometimes it takes more than a day to recover from these things. We were thrilled for Jason to have such a wonderful time with his 8th birthday party, but it's amazing how little sleep 8-year-olds actually need. After staying up past midnight, brand new video games call to them in their REM sleep. And once the first child moves, sweet slumber is history.

Jason and Friends

Lack of sleep is one of the dominant themes of parenthood. It starts early and reasserts itself routinely.
Thursday night was a very important night as well. Colleen emailed me during the day to say that Wade's deal appeared to be coming together for the purchase of his new truck. It's a 2001 Dodge Dakota, burgundy, very clean. I worked a bit late that night and got a phone call around four from Wade. He was looking to get some road time with his new wheels and offered me a ride.
Wade's First Truck

I was mildly overwhelmed. The tension can be thick around the house with an almost-18-year-old chomping at the bit for more and more freedom. But when he pulled up to the hospital curb and threw his personals behind the passenger seat, it was nothing but good. We shot the breeze for a few blocks, and then the step-dad song happened to broadcast on WDEZ. You know, Brad Paisley's He Didn't Have to Be. I'm sure it meant more to me than it did to Wade. I'll never forget it.
Megan's fiancée turned 21 yesterday. I've got great video of Jason and Tim (the fiancé) laughing during the singing of Happy Birthday on Friday night. Megan's name will change on July 16, 2011. Living arrangements will change. Family ties will change. But there will be a few things that stay the same until the first little papoose comes along.
Tim and Megan Engagement Picture

Kids change everything.

Comments are Always Welcome...

Any thoughts on the great venture of raising kids? Do you think it really changes everything?

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