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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Vote for the Nice One, Right?

Just Vote for the Nice One, Right?So, if a candidate sounds really nice and talks about helping people, and even uses some Bible verses, that's who I should vote for, right?

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Leadership: What Difference Will I Make?

Just Vote for the Nice One, Right?

By Evan Nehring

For those who don't want to spend much time with politics, one way to take a shortcut is...

Objection #3: I just vote for the most compassionate sounding candidates. That’s enough.

I want to see compassion in government.
  • I want compassion so badly that I will be tough as nails in judging which programs are helpful and which are not.
    • Do NOT merely parade victims in front of me and say, “Give me money!”
    • We need policies that do not trap people in dependency upon the government and steal their dignity.
  • Progressivism has done this and increased the size and scope of the U.S. government for 100 years, and the statistics of poverty and disease continue to stagnate and grow worse.
  • One in six Americans now lives in poverty!

A century of progressive programs

  • There was the New Deal with FDR
  • Then there was the Great Society with Lyndon Johnson
  • And government continues to expand, sweeping up individual liberties, and the numbers of dependent poor continue to skyrocket.
  • Socialist Europe is crumbling before our eyes, and we’ve seen the brutality of socialist, communist, statist governments.

I AM NOT AN IDIOT, and neither are you. DO NOT sprinkle Jesus quotes into progressive ideology and tell me it’s compassion! If there was ever a place where actions and results speak louder than words, it’s here.

Social justice is the language of progressivism for more socialized government control so the government can set everything straight. But it never works because progressivism and all Utopian models throw the biblical understanding of human nature out the window.


Most of you are aware of NAOMI – North-Central Area Congregations Organized to Make an Impact.

NAOMI - North-Central Area Congregations Organized to Make an Impact

Naomi is part of a national faith and social justice network called Gamaliel. Gamaliel was founded in 1968 under the direction of Ed Chambers, a friend and disciple of Saul Alinsky, whose book Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer.

The tactics have always been to stir up chaos, confusion and rebellion to break down civic institutions.
This is godless progressivism marching hand-in-hand with some religious groups.
  • The core idea is that political power must be gained in order to direct more resources to the needy.
  • There are honorable people involved, but the ideological foundation is a socialism which traps the needy in poverty and works to elect progressives at every opportunity.

And some believers say, “How could anyone not be in favor of compassion and social justice?”
  • That’s not the way.


My research of progressive ideology has been a surprising journey. If you want to dig deeper, Hillsdale College is offering a free online video course called "Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism." It is progressivism in the words of its thought leaders.

You can register at By the way, Constitution 101 is also free and also outstanding!

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