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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can the Church Overcome Corruption in Politics?

Can the Church Overcome Corruption in Politics?The church must never be a puppet for the state!

The state protects the freedom under which the church exists.

The church upholds righteousness in the people and brings positive influence to the nation and to the government.

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Can the Church Overcome Corruption in Politics?

By Evan Nehring

Here's another objection to getting involved in politics. I struggle with this one because I don't want to have my character impugned and my reputation tarnished.

Objection #2: Corruption in politics will corrupt the Church.

The late French philosopher Jacques Ellul addresses this objection:
“Collaboration with power, whether Communist or not, is always ruinous for the church. If the church exists, if it is to have legitimacy in the eyes of the people, it must always stand erect as a counter-power to political power.”
Then there’s this somewhat famous Billy Graham quote from a Parade magazine interview in 1981.
Billy Graham on Religious Bigotry

I have friends on Facebook who flash this picture to assert that Christians shouldn’t be Republicans.
  • Instead, Dr. Graham’s words should be a constant caution that believers are not here to be influenced, but to influence!
  • Don’t be used! The church must never be a puppet for the state!
The state protects the freedom under which the church exists.
  • The church upholds righteousness in the people and brings positive influence to the nation and to the government.
As we rise to serve, we overcome corruption and we show the glory of God through the strength and humility of servant leadership.
Can the Church Overcome Corruption in Politics?
In the Kingdom of God:
  • We embrace power that seeks to serve people, not control them.
  • We embrace power that prostrates self instead of promoting self.
  • We embrace power that lifts up the lowly and despised instead of seeking prestige and position.
As citizens of the Kingdom of God practice this view of power, we model servant leadership and expose the illusions and corruption of power.
  • We will seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and we will carry power carefully and prayerfully!

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What do you think? Can the church overcome corruption in politics?

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  1. Well, is it not, that we as in people ourself are the church? That we are sometimes the only church that people will see? so that being said, I think that it all depends on the person. Though I am not a political person. haha far from it. I have seen coruption to it's finest in the non profit of homeleessness. It all boils down to the political part. I think, that we are the church, live our lives as God intended us to. I am likey way off base here, and I apologize, I had just read that we are the church. :-) "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." Jack Layton.

  2. That's good, Tara. We are the church. And we are the country. You could say, we are the government. I agree, much of the solution comes down to realizing who we are and standing for what is right.

  3. Thanks Evan. I never thought of that we are the country. I guess I see it, as we are the church and in being the church, we live how we would want Christ to see us live, cause we want to. Not because we need to, if that makes sense. And maybe by seeing, we can change or help one person at a time, and the domino effect takes place. Of course standing for what we believe, that is what is important. Not where we worship, it is what is within us. Live by Grace. I know I say that so often. It is such an important part of God, it is His Grace by which we are. When we realize that, and whom we are to be, it all falls into place. And we can be a blessing to those who "run" our country one person at a time. Sorry if I am not making much sense...

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