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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?

Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
Here's a sampling of what's on my iPod, er, iPhone, as far as worship tunes goes. Check it out, then let me know what you're listening and worshiping to. 

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Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?

By Evan Nehring

In our quest to passionately pursue God, we have all these great little gadgets to help us along! So, what's on your iPod? Or maybe it's your CD player, your Android phone, your Pandora mix, or whatever gadget you prefer.

I'll start us off...

My iPhone Worship Mix

Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?First of all, I haven't spent a lot of money on new material for a few years. That's just a function of home budgeting and liking to eat here and there. One of the websites/apps that has been a Godsend is Pandora. I know there are other music services out there, but this is my choice for now. That said, here are some of the streams I've bought into.
The Passion Stream
Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
The Passion conferences are much more than a worship movement, but man do they worship! Matt Redman, Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Charlie Hall, David Crowder Band...and so many more. These folks LAY IT OUT before God in worship. You can't not do the same.
The Vineyard USA Stream
Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
Well, I'm a Vineyard guy, so that's a good place to continue. Vineyard Music USA has a great slate of artists. Jeremy Riddle, Ryan Delmore, Chris Lizotte, David Ruis, Brian Doerksen, Dave Fife...some of the composers I've enjoyed. Great projects have come out of Vineyard churches all over the country.
The Vineyard UK Stream
Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
Across the pond, the Vineyard stuff from our Brit friends has always been great. Who doesn't remember "Come, Now Is the Time to Worship"? Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott, Nigel Briggs are some of the composers.
The CCM Stream (Christian Contemporary Music)
Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
I love the classic tunes I've collected for thirty years. Phil Keaggy is not primarily a "worship" artist, but his music pulls my heart to God like no other.
I've been listening to the radio
And when I do there's something I listen for
A grain of truth that makes me long
For more of You
(Phil Keaggy, Play Thru Me, from the album Play Thru Me)
Kari Jobe, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael Card, Fernando Ortega, Fusebox, Lindell Cooley. Do you resonate with any of these?
The Hillsong Stream
Worship 2: What's on Your iPod?
While I haven't been into Darlene Zschech and the Aussie gang as much in recent years, I know this music has been very influential and meaningful to millions of people. Hillsong United is the edgier brand.

When I bump into these songs in church, I jot them down in an iPhone app so I can remember them later. And how can you beat downloading songs for a buck?!


That's a sampling of what's on my, iPhone. What's on yours? I'd love for this post to be a reference list for all kinds of great worship streams. Whatcha got?

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  1. Current faves: Matt Redman- 10,000 reasons CD and Christy Nockel's "You revive me".....aaaaaahhhhhh *sigh*

  2. Nice! 10,000 Reasons is actually our most recent worship purchase, on iTunes. Nockel's "You Revive Me" from the White Flag project is really great too. It's not about the tunes, folks. It's about our awesome God! Here's the link to listen to You Revive Me:

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot another worship stream I really like: Jesus Culture. "You Won't Relent" is my fave. Listening link:!/s/You+Won+t+Relent/3U7VO4?src=5

  4. I also like the 10,000 reasons song by Matt Redman. I've become stuck on The Best of Stuart Townend. I really like the live recording and the way they included a track so the listener can hear the congregation singing along. It feels real to me.

    I also stumbled on the work and voice of Lou Fellingham and her band, Phatfish.

    I'm kinda interested in finding out more about Michael Gungor. I've enjoyed his "Glorify Your Name" song and his rendition of the Doxology.

  5. I now have a Stuart Townend channel on Pandora to check it out a bit more. Just three Lou Fellingham songs to sample on Grooveshark. Tried Lou on Pandora and it came up "Lou Ferrigno" at first. Yikes, what kinda music would that be?! Thanks for the input from Ashtown, J. Can't wait for the first Jason Holmes worship CD!

  6. Let me know if you find anything worth sharing in your digging - anything besides Lou Ferringo, that is:) I have no idea how to begin writing songs. I'd probably dig a songwriter's convention or something. Feel like I'd need a mentor before I would be able to just start writing. I tend to overanalyze and criticize the stuff I've started writing.

    1. J, I've got a music theory & composition degree. Shoot me some video and I'll help you craft it. Could be a blast!

  7. Heather Nehring Block
    I really like Kari Jobe - Revelation Song. There is a Matt Redman song I've learned on the app Jango called Because of You but I can't even find it on YouTube so it's hard to annylize it more to decide whether to start it at our church. I did find the lyrics though. It was running thru my head in the middle of the night and its touched my heart.

  8. I'd love to be closer and be able to worship with you leading Heather. Some time...

    Hmmm...I don't know that Redman tune. Looks like it's on All Around the World.

  9. I mostly listen to CD's but have also joined in the digital/electronic age. I am a Pandora fan. To name a few artists, Michael W. Smith, Aaron Neville, Phil Driscoll, Brownsville, Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe, and many others. I really like instrumental in my "quite" time. I can put my own words to the music! I'm looking forward to your next installment! You've got my attention!